Cupcake ARE BACK!!

Cupcake has packed the largest and most prestigious venues in Melbourne including The Night Cat, The Fyrefly, Bird’s Basement, Open Studio, The Spotted Mallard, and The Cherry Bar and now they make their Paris Cat Jazz Club debut!

On Thursday 13th May, Cupcake head down the velvet lined staircase of the beautiful Paris Cat Jazz Club to perform an intimate and electric show.

The high energy Cupcake blend funk, pop, disco and classical composition techniques to create something truly original.

Featuring the stunning vocals of Erin Campbell, a sizzling 3-piece horn section and a powerhouse 3-piece rhythm section this is one outrageously stellar line-up that mesmerises and captivates like no other.

Be there at glorious Paris Cat Jazz Club on Thursday 13th May and catch something that is all at once beautiful, sophisticated and deeply funky.

Don’t miss this special event!!

Erin Campbell – vocals
Daimon Brunton – trumpet
Phil Hayter – saxophone
Stuart Collidge – trombone
Lucas Wentworth – bass
Adam Rudegeair – keyboards
Adam Donaldson – drums

Gig Details:
The Paris Cat Jazz Club
6 Goldie Place, Melbourne, CBD
Thursday 13th May, 2021
7:30pm – 9:30pm – 2 Chunky Sets!!
Tickets at…
Doors open: 7:00pm

Crazy April!!

It may be a little while away but April is going to be a crazy month for Cupcake with 2 feature gigs almost back-to-back!!

The last time Cupcake played Open Studio was December last year and the beautiful, bohemian venue was jam packed with fans. Well Cupcake are back!! On Thursday 23rd April Cupcake will steal back the stage for 2 epic sets of chunk funk!

And 6 days later, on Wednesday 29thApril, Cupcake head down the velvet lined staircase of the beautiful Paris Cat Jazz Club to perform their first intimate, electric, funk-filled show. This is the first time in a very long time Cupcake have played quite like this and this will be a very special night!

The ticket link to the Paris Cat Jazz Club show will soon be available on the ‘Upcoming Gigs’ page.

These two gigs will be huge!!

Cupcake at The Penny Black

On Saturday 30th November Cupcake are joining Bernadette Novembre’s soul band on stage at The Penny Black.

Come see, hear and feel some awesome music loaded with a funk and soul groove that digs in and just keeps giving!

Details below…

CUPCAKE PLAYS THE PENNY BLACK with Bernadette Novembre & Maggie Alley!!
The Penny Black
420 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC
Saturday 30th November, 2019
Show starts at 8:30pm!!
Free Entry!
Doors open: 7:00pm

Cupcake Christmas Cracker!!

Cupcake are back at their home away from home on Thursday 12th December at Open Studio!! This is Cupcake’s last gig for 2019 and as we head into Christmas we’re going to make sure this cracker goes off with a bang!

Details below…

Open Studio
204 High Street, Northcote, VIC
Thursday 12th December, 2019
8:30pm – 11:30pm – 2 Chunky Sets!!
Tickets: $10
Doors open: 7:00pm

Cupcake plays Open Studio!

On Thursday 17th October ‘Cupcake’ return to Open Studio with originals that are a beautiful blend of pop, funk and jazz!

Enjoy a glorious night in which you will want to dance, sing and sway to gorgeous melodies and deep-dish funky grooves.

In ‘Cupcake’ you are bound to discover something new you’ll want to return to again and again.

This outrageously stellar line-up mesmerises and captivates like no other.

Come see, hear and feel beautifully crafted music that’s pioneering new directions.

Don’t miss this special event at Open Studio – Thursday 17th October.

Tika – vocals
Daimon Brunton – trumpet
Phil Hayter – saxophones
Lucas Wentworth – bass
Adam Rudegeair – keyboards
Adam Donaldson – drums

Previous album…

• ‘Now’ (2014)

Thursday 17th October
Open Studio
204 High St, Northcote
8:00pm – 11:55pm


On Saturday 29th June ‘Cupcake’ enter the beautiful and exotic Open Studio for a Legacy Performance!

Formed in 2012 original works have always been central to ‘Cupcake’s identity.

On Saturday 29th June ‘Cupcake’ are going to perform every single original tune from the back catalogue back to back!

Don’t miss what will be an amazing night!

$12 entry.

CUPCAKE premier performance at OPEN STUDIO!!

This has been a dream of ours for some years now and apparently dreams come true!!

We’re digging deep and pulling out all of the stops for this 3 set extravaganza!

In the 7 years since Cupcake’s inception the band’s sound has changed from 3 minute pop blasts to sophisticated, fully orchestrated funk odysseys.

To honour our debut performance at the soulful and bohemian Open Studio we’ll be taking you on a journey that covers the best Cupcake has written in the last 7 years .. and .. if you ask politely .. we’ll throw in a few classics songs we’ve reimagined.

Don’t miss this! Many bands say this but this will indeed be something special!

So order a mug of mead and a crêpe and dance the night away on Saturday 29th December! Details below…

Open Studio
204 High Street, Northcote, VIC
Saturday 29th December, 2018
8:30pm – 11:30pm – 3 Sets!!
Tickets: $12 ($10 concession)
Doors open: 7:00pm
Show starts: 8:30pm

Thank you!!

Hot Diggity Batman!

Cupcake had their first gig of their brand new residency down at the truly awe-inspiring Fyrefly last Saturday night and all in attendance went right off their collective faces.

In simple plain english…

…we had a ball .. the audience had a ball.

Come on down for the next instalment at The Fyrefly on Saturday September 29th!!

We can’t wait!!


It’s funny what brings a band together. Last night, in honour of RSPCA Victoria’s Cupcake Day, and the fact that we have just changed our name to just ‘Cupcake’ Tika baked paw print cupcakes for the whole band!! So yummy! This Saturday catch us at The Fyrefly for a sugar-fueled, dance floor melting performance! 9:30pm. 34 Inkerman St, St. Kilda. Be there!